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Enhance your natural beauty! Get fuller, thicker and longer lashes! 

The idea of eyelash extensions, is so that you can wake up everyday, your lashes look fab, and you don't need to apply mascara. They're great for holidays, (honeymoons)Christmas and special occasions, it can be a great confidence booster, choose any look you wish, from natural to dramatic and everything in between.

An Introduction To Express Lash Extensions

Individual express lash extensions come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures. By using individual eyelash extensions, I can create your desired look, giving your lashes a thicker, fuller and more flattering look. Using the right products is very important to me, and this is why I only use excellent quality lashes and medical grade adhesive. The products I use have been researched and developed to a high standard. 

Application & Removal

Individual express lashes take approximately 30 minutes to apply a full set, they are applied directly to the lash line, and each lash is adhered to 2/3 natural lashes. I recommend a return visit to remove extensions at approximately 3 weeks to allow for natural shedding of your own lashes, this is due to the fact that eyelashes shed naturally every 4/6 weeks. However, a new set can be applied straight after removal. Removal must be carried out using the correct method, and using the correct adhesive remover. Extensions cannot be brought off by simply pulling them, as they are securely fixed to your own lashes. 


Alternatives are available which last a little longer, however those extensions are far more intricate and time consuming and therefore far more expensive.
With a set of express lashes you have the advantage of thicker fuller lashes, as the lashes can be built up in as many layers as you wish, depending on your preference of a natural or dramatic look.

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